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God of War (2018)
"A New Friend"

Survive the Witch’s Woods
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Arslan: The Warriors of Legend
Feb 9, 2016
Tecmo Koei America Corp.
Omega Force
~9 hours play time
Scatter enemies, then wipe them out with special Rush units in this collaboration between The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime and the Warriors series. Featuring shared visual style and voice actors to help relive the anime.
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
Liberator Shah
Acquired all other Trophies.
0 0
Card Fanatic
Acquired all Limited Skill Cards.
0 0
Court Chef
Collected all Recipe Books.
0 0
Mardān fu Mardān
Acquired an S Rank for every Objective in all scenarios other than the Tutorials.
0 0
Martial Arts Master
Achieved maximum Mastery for all weapons.
0 0
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