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Alone With You
Aug 23, 2016
Benjamin Rivers
Escape a doomed space colony with the help of your AI companion and four holograms. You'll embark on missions to scan for clues and solve puzzles, as well as help the holograms realize their own special fates.
"Alone With You" Trophies
Alone With You has 25 total trophies. 4 Total Videos 0 Total Texts
Trophy Title Videos Texts Class Bounty
Space Pioneer
Unlock all trophies.
0 0 4,000
It was you all along
Commit to no other companion, choose to stay behind with the AI.
0 0 3,000
Roll call
Scan all colony members
0 0 3,000
Sweet talker
Spend all three special simulations with one hologram, and let them know you care.
0 0 3,000
The botanist
Commit to Leslie Bharadwaj, find all her mementos, and choose to escape.
0 0 3,000
The communicator
Commit to Winnie Laurier, find all her mementos, and choose to escape.
0 0 3,000
The director
Commit to Pierre Tong, find all his mementos, and choose to escape.
0 0 3,000
The explorer
Commit to Jean Lumumba, find all his mementos, and choose to escape.
0 0 3,000
Escape the planet.
0 0 2,000
Grease monkey
Find all of the hand-drawn schematics throughout Colony B.
0 0 2,000
Green thumb
Find all of the key artifacts throughout the Agro-domes.
0 0 2,000
I didn't mean it
Apologize for doubting a companion.
0 0 2,000
It's complicated
Find all of the important mementos throughout the Caves.
0 0 2,000
Playing the field
Spend each special simulation with a different companion.
0 0 2,000
Unlikely couple
Reveal the full story of the bittersweet work romance.
0 0 2,000
Voracious reader
Find all of the story pages throughout the Comms Relay.
0 0 2,000
With You
Stay behind with the AI.
4 0 0
A shoulder to cry on
Tell Winnie about William's feelings for her.
0 0 1,000
Are we there yet?
Finish the third week's missions.
0 0 1,000
Back in one piece
Complete your first mission.
0 0 1,000
Check the O.R.
You like it so far?
0 0 1,000
Double rotation
Make it through the second week's missions.
0 0 1,000
Happy birthday, David
Discover a moment of reconciliation
0 0 1,000
Science nerd
Impress your companion with your knowledge of weather.
0 0 1,000
What a week
Complete the first week's worth of missions.
0 0 1,000
There may be additional achievements or trophies depending on your console, region, or version of the game. Creating a video guide for any of the achievements with bounties will award you with gold.