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Blade Kitten
"Icky Skiffy"

Blade Kitten™ - Act 1...
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AirMech Arena
May 5, 2015
Carbon Games
There are no complete English video walkthroughs for AirMech Arena at this time. If there are any in-progress walkthroughs, or walkthroughs in other languages, they will be displayed below.
Current Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough (X360) 1 0:01:23 GamersPreyHD
5 months ago
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
Can't stop eating!
Share 496 cakes. (Matched games only.)
0 0
Win a match, online or offline, using Boosters, all in Air mode.
0 0
Blood Thirsty
Destroy 3 human piloted AirMechs in the first 3 minutes of an online match.
0 0
Kicking Tires
Use each of the AirMech types at least once in game, online or offline.
0 0
Rock You Like a Hurricane!
Win an online match where 100% of the enemy's base health is taken within 1 minute.
0 0
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