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Metal Gear Solid V The...

Obtain all trophies.
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X-Men: The Arcade Game
Dec 14, 2010
~1 hours play time
Complete Title Recorded by
Walkthrough (X360) 3 0:26:59 pacifsit1389
8 years ago
HD Walkthrough 3 0:42:15 EmphinixWarrior -
4 years ago
HD Walkthrough 3 0:31:38 RetroSpective
4 years ago
HD Walkthrough 2 0:36:24 sgblikestoplay -
2 years ago
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
You Fell to Our Trap!
Mystique tried to fool you and five other players in a 6-player game.
0 0
You completed the game on Expert difficulty.
0 0
Xavier Would Be Proud!
You used a mutant power 5 times in one game.
0 0
Welcome to Die!
You were welcomed to die by the White Queen.
0 0
Turn Pyro to Toast
You defeated Pyro without using any mutant powers.
0 0
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