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Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People...
Dec 21, 2010
Telltale Games
~1 hours play time
"Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1 Homestar Ruiner" Trophies
Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1 Homestar Ruiner has 14 total trophies. 4 Total Videos 0 Total Texts
Trophy Title Videos Texts Class Bounty
Competed Game
Completed the game itself.
1 0 0
Snakes Cower Before Me!
Faced and defeated 15 levels of snakes in Snake Boxer 5.
0 0 2,000
Trogdor Polo Chucker
There is no higher rank to describe your awesomeness!
0 0 2,000
"Started" Act 1
User draws the track on the map.
1 0 0
Card Collector
Collected all Teen Girl Squad cards.
0 0 1,000
Cover to Cover
Collect all pages of the Snake Boxer 5 manual.
0 0 1,000
F.C.U.T.R.E.R Best Time
Obtained a really good time on the Free Country USA Triannual Race to the End of the Race.
0 0 1,000
Prank Call King
Called everyone in Strongbadia.
0 0 1,000
Sharp Dressed Man
Obtained all costumes.
0 0 1,000
Snake Whisperer
Unlocked Snake Boxer 5's Cobra mode.
0 0 1,000
Start Act 3
Homestar moves out of the house of Strong.
1 0 0
The Biggest Loser
Help Strong Bad lose the race for Homestar.
1 0 0
The Perfect Teen Girl Squad
Earn 5000 points or more in Teen Girl Squad.
0 0 1,000
These Trophies Aren't Obscure Any More!
Earned all obscure trophies.
0 0 1,000
There may be additional achievements or trophies depending on your console, region, or version of the game. Creating a video guide for any of the achievements with bounties will award you with gold.