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Mega Man 11
"The World's Best Hope"

Complete the game on Superhero...
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Naughty Bear
Jun 8, 2010
505 Games
~2 hours play time
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
Come Out and Play
Completed the First Episode and got a taste at Naughtiness.
1 0
Killed or POP! a Unibear.
0 0
Too close!
Finish a 4 players Left 4 Ted Match by being the last survivor standing.
0 0
Pact with the Devil!
Finish a 4 players Vampiricorn Match with all your lives.
0 0
Sun Immunity
Costume Shenanigans: Kill Sunbeam with the Vampiricorn costume by the vampire Ultra Kill.
0 0
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