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Silent Hill 2
"Hard to Hit"

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Fat Princess
Jul 30, 2009
Titan Studios
~5 hours play time
Two princesses find an oversized piece of cake. They find the cake so delicious they can't stop eating it. After the incident, cake is banned in both kingdoms by the worried kings.
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
Who's Your Daddy?
Kill 6 enemies within 1 second in an online game
0 0
You're Not Cooking...
Kill 100 enemies with Fire magic in online games
0 0
This is Caketown!
Block 100 projectiles with your shield in online games
0 0
The cake is not a lie!
Complete The Legend of the Fat Princess
0 0
Little Pecker
Kill an enemy as a chicken in an online game
0 0
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