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Resident Evil 4
"What Are They Worth?"

Acquire all of the bottle caps...
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Battlefield: Bad Company
Jun 23, 2008
EA Games
~6 hours play time
Complete Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough6 33 5:19:58 Overlord73
10 years ago
Walkthrough (X360) 29 4:40:23 BonersGames -
before time
HD Walkthrough (X360) 26 6:36:43 Misfit1Actual
4 years ago
HD Walkthrough 27 9:08:13 lyubomir1111 -
7 months ago
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
One In a Million
Hit hostile helicopter with laser designator
1 0
Here is your DD-214
Complete 'Ghost Town' on hard
1 0
Capitalist pigs, very nice
Complete 'Crash and Grab' on hard
1 0
Cart Wheels
Complete 'Par for the Course' on hard
1 0
Say goodbye to the gold!
Complete 'Crossing Over' on hard
1 0
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