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Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul
Oct 6, 2015
Dimps Corporation
~9 hours play time
The long awaited return of Saint Seiya is here with Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul! This game features characters from the whole series, including the 12 Gold Saints and their God Cloths.
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Achievements Title Videos Texts
Ultimate Soldiers' Soul
Acquired all Trophies!
0 0
I Can Hear Them All... Their Voices, Cheering Me On!
Collected 100% of Assist Phrases!
0 0
Into a World of Light...
Cleared all chapters in Legend of Cosmo to 100%!
0 0
The Chosen Saint Child
Obtained 100% of possible "S" clear ranks in Legend of Cosmo!
0 0
Blazing Battle of the Gods
Completed the Galaxy War God Cup!
0 0
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