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"Chapter 2 Cleared"

Cleared Chapter 2.
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Motorsport Manager
Nov 9, 2016
Playsport Games
~19 hours play time
Motorsport Manager is a management game for fans of motorsport. Hire drivers, build cars and embed yourself in the dynamic world of racing. Stop watching, start winning, and take control of your motorsport team.
Complete Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough1 22 18:34:00 Phanstar0
10 months ago
Current Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough 1 0:57:43 quill18
10 months ago
HD Walkthrough 3 0:41:00 theloladass
1 year ago
HD Walkthrough1 2 1:41:53 shadowhawk2012
1 year ago
HD German Walkthrough 87 45:50:48 drproof
1 year ago
HD Walkthrough 2 2:00:14 dadsgamingaddic...
10 months ago
HD Walkthrough 17 6:09:51 gameriotarmy
3 months ago
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Achievements Title Videos Texts
Hot Lap
Qualify in pole position by over a second
2 0
Chequered Flag
Finish your first race
0 0
Variety Is The Spice Of Life
Finish a race having used 3 different tyre compound types on one car
0 0
Jet Skis for Everyone!
Sign a sponsorship deal worth over 1 million
0 0
World's Best Boss
Have a driver reach 100% morale
0 0
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