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Alan Wake's American Nightmare
May 22, 2012
Remedy Entertainment
~4 hours play time
While Alan Wake uncovers a mystery of his own, he is caught between a battle of light and dark, causing him to question the borderline of reality and fiction. American Nightmare is a standalone expansion to the hit Alan Wake.
Abandoned Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough 5 1:34:06 yogscast2 -
6 years ago
HD Walkthrough1 8 3:51:52 galmhd -
6 years ago
HD Walkthrough (X360) 16 3:35:26 s4gam3r -
6 years ago
HD Walkthrough 13 4:21:22 stedal1978 -
6 years ago
HD German Walkthrough (X360) 14 4:47:00 bruugar -
6 years ago
HD Russian Walkthrough 7 1:57:38 dima2010iou -
6 years ago
HD Thai Walkthrough 2 0:53:06 heartrockerchan... -
6 years ago
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Achievements Title Videos Texts
Rewrite reality for the last time.
You used Mr. Scratch’s own trap to destroy him.
4 0
Escape the Taken to the motel.
You reached the relative safety of the motel.
1 0
Rewrite reality for the first time.
You rewrote reality and brought down the satellite.
1 0
Make sure Dr. Meadows can take another look at the skies.
You secured the coolant tanks at the observatory.
1 0
Find all of the manuscript pages.
You got every manuscript page in the game.
1 0
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