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Blade Kitten
"Invisible Bike"

Perched on and threw an enemy
No Image
Adam's Venture: The Search for the Lost Garden
Oct 2, 2009
Iceberg Entertainment
Vertigo Games
~1 hours play time
Complete Title Recorded by
HD Walkthrough7 2 1:00:46 Munchie
5 years ago
HD Walkthrough11 6 1:00:44 Holtzweg
4 years ago
HD Walkthrough 7 1:43:04 CerebralStasis
4 years ago
HD Walkthrough 1 1:14:52 Psychoka
2 years ago
Pages: [1]
Achievements Title Videos Texts
Master blaster
Blow up the rocks
2 0
Holy Trinity
Explore Faith, Hope and Love
2 0
Key to your faith
Find the hidden key
2 0
End of Episode I
Complete the full game
2 0
Sound Belief
Find the Sound Belief secret
2 0
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