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Hello everyone, and welcome to my channel!

Early Playthroughs with fast uploads & No commentary to ruin your watching experience.

The games i'm playing right now :

Darksiders 2
I Am Alive
Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition
Prototype 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

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Thx :)
Emeralddragon 8 years ago
Ok so you asked why I think "its bad". Im going to assume that you meant my comment about your videos and the sheer lack of skill exhibited by you. If you meant the game then clearly you misunderstood. I think the game is awesome and Im even a warlord in a clan and we are moving along nicely with our few members and a decent dojo in the works. You really should have learned to play the game...
Emeralddragon 8 years ago
Just looked at your warframe stuff...... My god its bad. You sir did a terrible injustice to that game and you should be ashamed
TheMDFGaming 8 years ago
Zdravo :) Uploadujem direktno ovde,tako ne moram da se bakcem sa youtube-ovim autorskim pravima,a i ima dosta povlastica za one koje direktno uploaduju. I da,hvala za pretplacivanje :D
JokerGames 8 years ago
hey man glad to see you here :)

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