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Due to the current COPPA debacle, and for the safety of my sanity, I'll be slowly erasing the walkthroughs on here. This may be my last message here....for those who stuck with me till the end, I thank you. In the words of Satoru Iwata, "In my heart, I am a gamer." Though the flesh may slowly rot, figuratively in this case, but the gaming soul lives on....

I hope to see you on Youtube...or when we, the gamers of the world, may finally know peace when this whole mess is settled. *walks off in the distance, God Arc in hand*

EMPBLMMMSD 8 months ago
I might as well leave too. With the channel banned, I feel like the site is going to be shut down after the year is over.
EMPBLMMMSD 8 months ago
I'm extremely stressed about about this? How do you feel about it?
Roxas1359 8 months ago
I'm worried, but not as much about COPPA as much as YouTube's use of misinformation to purposely try and rally YouTubers. It came out that YouTube misled about what they could do to help creators in regards to applying COPPA. It's annoying but not surprising.
EMPBLMMMSD 11 months ago
Just curious, what is the game Yooka-Laylee about?
Roxas1359 1 year ago
According to Mace nothing has happened so someone or something linked my videos to somewhere else I guess? It just seems weird that suddenly that playlist jumped up like crazy.
Roxas1359 1 year ago
Hey question, have the views on your page suddenly gone up like a lot? Trying to figure out if a glitch or possible spam bots are the reason why my Reignited Trilogy playthrough jumped up like 5K views.

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