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Current Games:

possible games for 2014 are as follows

FIFA 14 (PS4)
LEGO Marvel Superheroes (PS4)
Infamous: Second Son (PS4)
Watch Dogs (PS4)
The Evil Within (PS4)

DR Raging Blast 2 (PS3) (Not Galaxy Mode)
Ghostbusters: The Game (PS3)
Resident Evil 5 (PS3) (CO-OP)

Resident Evil CV (PS2)
Devil May Cry (PS2)

Spider-Man (PS1)

these are the games I will definitely do in the coming year. I will be doing more depending on release and availability.

So enjoy :D
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MaikeruGamer 6 years ago
i have changed my name to Mikey247Gaming on youtube. so I will no longer be uploading to this profile
MaikeruGamer 6 years ago
Thanks to everyone who has been watching my videos to get me to the 2000 view mark. I'm so happy. I hope you will like my next lineup of Resident Evil Code Veronica X and DragonBall Raging Blast 2
MaikeruGamer 6 years ago
to anyone who watches, thank you and just to tell you on my youtube channel i have been uploading Beyond Two Souls and Ghostbusters Playthroughs thank you.
MaikeruGamer 6 years ago
If you can, after you have watched my videos through Youtube can you please subscribe, favourite and like my videos, even share them. If you do I would be so grateful

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