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I like to walkthrough games that no one haven't done before. If I don't finish the game I will come back to it one day. I'm always looking for feedback on my LPing so be sure to comment on my videos

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South Park
Paladin's Quest
Poker Night 2
Looney Toons Racing
The Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock
Aces Wild
South Park The Stick Of Truth.
Mactin 2 years ago
Still kicking.
Mactin 3 years ago
Don't worry everyone, I'm still here. Just dealing with things such as life.
DaAtte 5 years ago
Hey are you active on GA anymore or have you moved to YouTube full time?
Roxas1359 6 years ago
Yeah I was debating it for a while but decided to finally sign up for it.
abe 6 years ago
ever think of doing the haunted mansion game for Halloween?
Maceman 6 years ago
We are doing the best commentary thing - but we had like 8k new commentary walkthroughs this past year. We narrowed it down a lot to make the voting process easier. I think this will have to do for this year, until we can think up a better way to handle the voting.

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Tom and Jerry - Final Part-And.... like that I'm done
Added: Jan 21, 2017
By: Mactin

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