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Recording equipment:
PS3 - dazzle dvd recorder and audio/video splitter
PSP - irshell or remotejoylite
PC - Fraps or wegame(this sucks though, I get random static sounds when recording)

Next walkthrough:
God of War II (Titan) GOW Collection

Future walkthrough:
Metal Gear Solid 3 (European Extreme)
God of War III (Chaos)
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ellison1981zpv 10 years ago
Please do Dead space 2. You are the best gamer on this site.
VincesGames 11 years ago
great job with GOW1 on collection, you had an amazing performance. Also look forward to GOW2 and GOW3 :)
ASHfire06 11 years ago
Yea I did, I can't wait to see what they do next.
JokerPRO10 11 years ago
yeah i subbed love ur gow collection waktrough
JokerPRO10 11 years ago
you have youtube channel ??
RealJoker177 11 years ago

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