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None of my videos exist right now since I have started a new channel on youtube and will create a new GameAnyone profile.

New Youtube:

I put updates on my new stuff there and new profile and everything.
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Devildawg1970 9 years ago
nevermind i really dont have time for it i have to start making more vids for modern warefare 2 and infamous2
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
fine its a challenge i will be putting up 3 vids for DS2 tomorrow since i couldt do it at night sice ya know its night Ds2 is dark i get scard easily
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
yeah if you like my vids subscribe also maybe i can be better than you on Dead space2 ^^ heh heh
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
i make walks now
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
also another is coming up
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
i posted a 5 min somthing vid for DS2 come look

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