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PokemonUpload 9 years ago
Do you live in Bangladesh?
PokemonUpload 9 years ago
kirbyknight1530 9 years ago
I bought it off psn a couple days ago just so i can finish it all over again. XD Only cause its an awesome gaem.
kirbyknight1530 9 years ago
Man, i loved Legend of Mana as a kid, and I'm glad your playing through it. It's so fun, I'm still playing it on a real PS1... Problem is, I've beat the game but never officially finished it cuz the end credits froze on me :(
DragonHUNTER157 9 years ago
an x12 turtlebeach headset and more hard drive space
DragonHUNTER157 9 years ago
yo wazup?

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