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Without ears to hear, the words I say are mere noise, purposeless. So, thanks for listening.

A leader only leads when no one else knows what to do.

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I'm a fun loving goofy hardcore Retro Gamer.

My name is Lance. You can call me Lancer if you so desire.

I do Let's Play videos with commentary where I talk about anything I feel like talking about.
abe 9 years ago
you going to put the suikoden 2 you did on youtube on gameanyone?
sbloom85 9 years ago
Glad to see someone else take on the Shining series.
newfiebangaa 10 years ago
Nice job on getting Level 4. No shock as you do work hard.
Vestilence 10 years ago
Great LP of CoaDL, can't wait to see Episode II
Lumi 10 years ago
Gratz on Suikoden ! LP was perfect.
Lumi 10 years ago
I like your LPs, sub earned :P

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