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Skysilver 7 years ago
Love your LPs!
Devildawg1970 10 years ago
wow ur a spyro fan u should try dawn of the dragon its good
Pendragon2 10 years ago
Watching your Spyro LP's, Great stuff! It's a breath of fresh air to watch a female lper.
exstream-gamer 10 years ago
lotra dont be the douch bag
PokePwner96 10 years ago
lotra dont hate i think shes funny and a good walkthrougher shes on batman9502's level of awsomeness and on the same level of funny as skorch on his fallout walkthroughs
SeveredHater 10 years ago
Saw you on FrozenFoxy's Dead Space walkthrough, you are very funny.

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