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Black ops is done and i am rendering out the videos i have alot of them rendered out and i will be uploading multiplayer episodes and zombie games the zombie videos wont be complete but they will be like the multiplayer videos just random matches. Those will be posted on my youtube channel since i will not be able to get them on gameanyone due to me not being a director and cannot upload the stand alone videos but i am trying to get a directorship.

My Youtube Channel:

Feel free to PM me

ALSO if you would like to add me on xbox live my title is untitled606 its the one i prefer to use but if you are going to add me please be somewhat active and please be aware that if you invite me to play a game and i dont respond i may be recording so plz dont get mad.
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skorch82 10 years ago
If it can be completed, and is a hack of what I'm guessing can be construed as Mario World, I guess so. It has to be a complete guide though, not just you messing around. Put the romhack title in the version information.
skorch82 10 years ago
You listen to the mods, not other members.
skorch82 10 years ago
When you post in the forums asking for help, DO NOT repeat-post your topics.

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