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Reach milestones to unlock badges.
pinkeydefreak 10 years ago
you to why is evereyone leaving
pinkeydefreak 10 years ago
dood you have the only arma 2 privite milatary walkthrough on the site why does it no work
krl2 10 years ago
what have happen whit youre videos The Punisher or ArmA II: Private Military Company Because i cant see them...?
melikegame 10 years ago
whats up
juhwann 10 years ago
I have'nt gotten any feedback yet on my directorship what do you think
arcticfox 10 years ago
ah I see - well I'm glad you actually responded. Yeah I used to friend add like crazy back in the day. I never really had a reason for it though lol. I don't mind accepting random friend requests. It's all good.

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