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Hi guys my name is James Newcomb i'm 27 and i enjoy playing video games.

I play all kinds of games so if you enjoy alot of games i may have something for you. Note all new let's plays will be only on Gameanyone as i get views on the site (not that i care for views).

Most of the games will be games i get by having PS+ as will as games on my laptop (not as many i'm not a big pc gamer.)

Odd things you find cool

1. I did a full level of a game with the tv off just to see if i could (I Failed big time)

2. I had at one time over 10 cats in my house yes i love cats

3. The longest time i played one game nonstop was final fantasy 10 for 16 hours on a school day not my best idea but fuck it it was final fantasy 10

James1992 6 years ago
Hello guys sorry i kind of been gone for a bit like half a year sorry but i'm back guys so new videos will come soon enjoy.
James1992 6 years ago
I will be doing cod4 real fast i plan on doing it all in under 3 days. I'm going to restart Final Fantasy 13 after this so if you enjoy what i have so far enjoy more very soon.
James1992 6 years ago
Good news everyone my laptop was fixed so more videos to enjoy. I will be very busy making you guys videos so get ready to enjoy.
James1992 6 years ago
i'm working on a new let's play so in a few days you should have more videos.
James1992 6 years ago
3 new videos for you guys sorry it took so long to post new videos but i should now have a way to post faster i hope anyway lol
James1992 6 years ago
3 new videos should be up some time today not sure how soon i can post more but i will try to post more soon.

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