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What's up guys? It's JMacTucker, or JMac for short. I'm a big Pokemon fan, as well as a former racing game fanatic. I'm all about the old school in gaming. While my current gaming consists of mostly PlayStation All-Stars, I love going back to my N64 and GBA and playing the good ole stuff.

I think it is safe to say that Pokémon is one of my biggest fandoms. A lot of my content will include Pokémon based LPs, but I'm not just doing pure Pokémon. I've also got plans to begin a Zatch Bell: Electric Arena LP, as well as some PS1 games. Zatch Bell has been the biggest anime influence in my life. No matter what I've seen, Zatch Bell will probably always be my favorite anime. Once I gain access to a capture card, I'm gonna go ham and even record console Zatch Bell titles. Don't worry, I'll record other stuff as well! So welcome to my channel. Have fun, have a great day, and keep on keepin' it on!

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GamingWithEagle 7 years ago
haha well hopefully people get to see this LP Zatch actually has great games
GamingWithEagle 7 years ago
6 1/2 months ago lol
GamingWithEagle 7 years ago
Good to see you're finally getting Zatch up.

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