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Intel I7-5820 K (3.30 GHZ)
Nvidia Gtx 780 3 Gb
16 GB DDR4 Ram.
400 GB SSD
Windows 7 Ultimate

Xbox One 500 GB
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PS3 250GB
Xbox 360 250 GB.

Hauppauge HDPVR 2 Gaming Edition.
 2011 Best Point-and-Click Adventure
JokerGames 6 years ago
glad youre back! if i may ask where were you for so long?
anc2112 8 years ago
wont let me watch aliens and says marked as private 4 all can u un-private it so i can c it
MiketheGamer2013 8 years ago
sonicman221 8 years ago
ya you back
Maceman 8 years ago
I'll look into it. The credits for achievements is still a work-in-progress as noted by the message you get in the PM. Sometimes the message won't show the proper number, but you will get the proper amount of credits.
Maceman 8 years ago
You only get credits for achievements that haven't been done before.

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