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Games I want to LP as soon as I run into some time:

Dark Cloud (PS2)
Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
White Knight Chronicles (PS3)

ExceedEdge 10 years ago
I've been console hopping games like playing twilight princess on the wii, to playing zone of the enders on ps2, or shining force on the genesis. Not really sticking to a single game lol
ExceedEdge 10 years ago
Ahh the Breath of Fire games are some really good RPG's I personally Favor 4 because its the only game I like the antagonist in pretty much anything I ever played.
ExceedEdge 10 years ago
Hey dude you get White Knight Chronicles 2?
sbloom85 10 years ago
More will be added.
Crono_Strife 10 years ago
Hey thanks for the comment
Stark 10 years ago
Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :3

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