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-Let's Play: The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (PS2)
-Let's Play: Kick-Ass The Game (PS3)
-Let's Play: Alone in the Dark: Inferno


I am Martin aka. Gamerbomb.

I am recording game walkthroughs because it is my hobby, and I like to play games. In the beginning I was just making some Gameplay videos, but then after watching some other youtuber users making walkthroughs, then I also wanted to make them. Now I have been making playthroughs for about 1 year now, an I have a lot of videos uploaded to youtube and stored here on gameanyone. Through the year I have been making walkthroughs, then I have really been growing the experince in making playthroughs, and I am today able to make HD quality videos for almost everysingle game-system. This was my dream when I started making walkthroughs. Now it is reality, and I am happy.

If you have any questions about making playthroughs then send me a PM here on GA or Youtube. I will allways answer them (if they are serious).

Enjoy my videos!!!
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thedorkknight19 9 years ago
what's your next lets play
aggamer55 10 years ago
Oh geez i didnt kno u still had school! O-O
aggamer55 10 years ago
when r u posting something new?
SamFisher2 10 years ago
martin do you make a walkthrough of killzone 3 ?
JokerGames 10 years ago
hey man which program do you use to convert your videos
10 years ago

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