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Just your average gamer, anime watcher, and NFL fan. I record and upload the games I love to play or new ones that catch my interest.

Skype: FearJiin

PSN: FearJiin

XBL: FearJiin (I don't have a gold member ship)
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Roxas1359 8 years ago
Question, would you be disappointed if I were to just upload the cutscenes and not translate them. It's difficult to translate them and I'm having a hard time with it since I do all the translations by myself. It's just really stressful for me.
ZeroGamer 8 years ago
Thanks for the Sub.
Nwolf8 8 years ago
Well thank you! I don't reccomend it but it's there.
Saskayzx 8 years ago
Lol ah I see and Happy Birthday :P
Saskayzx 8 years ago
xD lol it is fine and thanks ^^
Refle18 8 years ago
Thanks I really appreciate it!

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