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Enders75809 9 years ago
Great job with all the FEAR games. Which one was your favorite. I have only played 1 and 3.
SuperAverageGamer 9 years ago
Awesome, thanks for the friend request. FF8 is my fave also. If you have any games you want to see me play just let me know.
TheMDFGaming 9 years ago
Thanks for the sub! :D
TheMDFGaming 9 years ago
Looking forward to Splatterhouse 2010! It looks awesome! :D
lucksgamer 9 years ago
i love F.E.A.R.
Sryth 9 years ago
Good luck with VR Training.

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Splatterhouse 2010 - "Pyre for the Damned"
Complete Phase 10: The Wicker Bride.
Splatterhouse 2010 - "Flesh Re-animation!"
Regenerate with Splatter Siphon.
Splatterhouse 2010 - "Hunger Pangs"
Purchase a skill.
Splatterhouse 2010 - "Morbid Dismemberment"
Kill an enemy with your own dismembered arm.
Splatterhouse 2010 - "Heavy Frikkin' Metal!"
Get 50 kills with non-fleshy weapons.
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