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I play and record games the way I want to. IF you got a problem you can fuck off. I play games on the hardest difficulty, while trying to show off at times and make things entertaining, as well as show easter eggs and hidden optional things.

My current projects are:
God of War: Ghost of Sparta God Difficulty
aqworlds123 9 years ago
please help me i don t know how to hack computers in chaos theory
jassirai22 10 years ago
hay man I really respect you.....because it is very difficult to play games in hardest difficulty levels.........this thing is very difficult for me and that's why I respect most of your walkthroughs......
JokerGames 10 years ago
yep my most favorite of all times
JokerGames 10 years ago
love your god of war walkthroughs, go KRATOS !!
skorch82 10 years ago
Nah, not really. My old one was a USB. happens with USB sometimes. Reason i got a new one was the old one died for some reason.
skorch82 10 years ago
nah, it's a sennheiser pc3000 or something to that nature

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