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xXKurantXx 9 years ago
How's your dazzle tests coming along? I'd love to see what it looks like with disable resample.
Icarus19 10 years ago
I love to try out Zone of the Enders some time. I'm going to try and track it down sometime. I also want to pick up Skyrim when it comes out.
Icarus19 10 years ago
So what have you been playing lately?
Icarus19 10 years ago
I prefer 4 aswell. Both games I got around 20-30 hours in before I got stuck in both games haven't played them for years. I have alot of games I would like to start playing after BoF 3. I just found my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga which I would like to finish aswell but I probbably go with WKC 2 or Yakuza 4 first. I also have all 3 Xenosaga games coming my way. We europeans only got part 2 before.
Icarus19 10 years ago
Yes I bought it but I haven't got around to playing it yet. Just like I haven't been on the site lately because I have been really bussy with school and work. I am playing through Breath of Fire 3 now on the PS1. I never finished that game aswell as Breath of Fire 4
Dzmi13 10 years ago
I would also put the Onimusha series on the top of my list of favourite game series. I really hope you do the others, you really impressed me with how you did Dawn of Dreams.

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