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So this is my forum post eh?
Welcome to my page my name is Evilsoshi, I make lets plays that you can already see... yadda yadda yadda here is my link to my YouTube channel

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So how are everyone doing? I want to know he-he-he. I'm a guy with many secrets.
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WarioMan3K 7 years ago
Yeah, I haven't had much activity here lately, but I check back in when I can.
WarioMan3K 8 years ago
Hey, Evilsoshi! Have you checked out my latest playthrough yet? It's on Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, which I'm almost done with.
Synnae 8 years ago
Hey there! Thats awesome. (sorry about the late reply, I just noticed it) Anyway, I'm doing great. Finished a lot of new playthroughs as well.. my most recent ones are of Hopeless Masquerade and Double Dealing Character's demo version (both are official Touhou games). I'm also close to finishing this semester's college as well, so, I'll soon have some extra time for games, which is always good.
WarioMan3K 8 years ago
Hey there, I'm just wondering: is it possible to go through the Sacred Grounds in Cave Story without the Life Pot? I'm just saying, because I kinda had to use it during the supposed final battle throughout my second go-around at beating Cave Story 3D (3DS).
Synnae 8 years ago
I'm doing good. Been a little inactive on the past days because I was working on other stuff. But I plan to resume posting many new walkthroughs really soon. Hopefully you'll enjoy them if you decide to watch.
Synnae 8 years ago
Hey! :)

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