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Howdy Folks...! What's Happenin'... Aye?


0 - Haha, what a pathetic loser!!! XD

Goblins > Trolls > Humans > Apes > Me
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PokemonUpload 8 years ago
AdventureAndy 9 years ago
I love your new banner dude XD
sbloom85 10 years ago
Where's my banner?
Pendragon2 10 years ago
What happened with your YT account and activity on the site? Forgive me if it's too soon, but we're missin ya bro.
mrsbates90 10 years ago
Taken is a damn good movie, my friend.
JoeSchulz 10 years ago
Has it been long enough in the future to discuss teh youtube thing? Or naaht yet?

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