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Howdy Folks...! What's Happenin'... Aye?


0 - Haha, what a pathetic loser!!! XD

Goblins > Trolls > Humans > Apes > Me
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PokemonUpload 7 years ago
AdventureAndy 9 years ago
I love your new banner dude XD
sbloom85 9 years ago
Where's my banner?
Pendragon2 9 years ago
What happened with your YT account and activity on the site? Forgive me if it's too soon, but we're missin ya bro.
mrsbates90 9 years ago
Taken is a damn good movie, my friend.
JoeSchulz 9 years ago
Has it been long enough in the future to discuss teh youtube thing? Or naaht yet?

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