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The State of Epic

There was a storm about a week ago. During that storm a power surge happened. Which destroyed my gaming monitor (Completely Fried) and my I5 Quad core processor cpu, graphics card Fried..

I had money saved up and bought a new computer, However my had drive from the old computer, might not work (I will find out at a later date) That hard drive has all my precious files.

I don’t know when I will be back to recording. I have a decent native 8 core processor cpu now, but the graphics card is garbage, so i will have to upgrade that and the power supply.

This is gonna cost me a fortune. luckily I know how to save for emergency. This is a big blow to me emotionally and the fact is I don’t know when i will be back. Maybe a break from gaming is what i need but i will return.

I will be playing the pc version of ff9 on steam but at a later date. I will try to record it when possible it is gonna be a wait though. I will be starting all over, unless I can save my files and continue on from there.

I would like to say that I don’t make any money when I record and upload. I make non commentary playthroughs and play fighting games like pokken for fun. I record and edit for fun.
edit more info on my new pc
The pc I bought is cyberpower from link

Note: the price I have seen it go as low as 499. I bought for 599. Dont pay 699 thats full price and there will be more sales in the future, so far this pc is great but I will update with a review after a year has passed.

2014 Trailer end of year trailer
currently playing FF9

I will be playing pokken Tournament one week and jrpg the next week always alternating.
FearedAngel 7 years ago
grats on the front page! Again!
FearedAngel 7 years ago
grats on the front page!
FearedAngel 7 years ago
First subscriber!

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