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**The Old-School Hardcore Gaming Ruleset**

Reloading after dying is not allowed. We must restart the game should we meet our demise.

Reloading after dying is only permissible in the event of a serious (i.e. death inducing) bug.

Failure does not equate Restart. Reloading after losing due to any other cause is OK.

In RPG’s we can reload if dialogue choices divert substantially from their original intent.

Beside these loopholes reloading is never an option.

Quick Time Events (QTE's) will be disabled if applicable.

No combat pausing unless the game mechanics enforces it somehow.

Viewers can help as they deem fit so long as it doesn't involve any kind of spoiler. Nevertheless they can warn of scenarios where death can come in a cheap, single blow.

Medium difficulty minimum.

We cannot limit ourselves in anyway, we will use every tool the devs put at our disposal to achieve victory.

Only cosmetic or non-combat related mods can be applied.

Darth Flavius: A simple-minded libertarian with the belief that in order for there to be real freedom for most, a "true neutral" strongman is needed at the top of the social hierarchy.
Sryth 6 years ago
Grats on Director.
HelloJapan960 6 years ago
Congrats on the Director status, and welcome to the team! :D
Darth_Flavius 8 years ago
Thats sound great, the idea of an underground complex does appeal to me and since it would be some kind of bunker then it could be more functional than pretty
eoase99 8 years ago
anymore ideas of that starcraft lets play i was thinking you could build a sith academy underground with lot of secret tunnels and 4 pillars above ground each with a button on it that must be pressed in the right sequence for the underground door to open another idea i though of is that you are a force user so why mine for materials if you draw on your force powers to will them into exsistanc
Darth_Flavius 8 years ago
I agree, it sounds like a good idea. The only problem is that im not someone with a lot of imagination nor very artistic so i would suck at minecraft. But you are right, it seems like a good long term project for when im not playing anything. We can call it StarCraft or something.
eoase99 8 years ago
"continued" of this pathetic world. You could roleplay it and it could become a series which could never end and you come back to every once and while when their nothing else to do. I think it would be a amazing lets and something completely unique on YouTube.

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Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition - "Into the Void"
Meet Leandra in Hiberheim.
Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition - "Into the Void"
Meet Leandra in Hiberheim.
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