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Refle18 9 years ago
Thats pretty far away still and by that time I will probaly do the game by then. I will still watch it though because its Mangg! :D
xSaDFaCEx 9 years ago
Hey what's your warz username?
Enders75809 9 years ago
I will be getting to it eventually playing it one after another the gameplay gets really dull for the person playing it.
Enders75809 9 years ago
We'll see how it turns out. Normally movies based on game suck.
Enders75809 9 years ago
Yeah I have been a fan of the Hitman series for a long time and dishonored looks great as well. I will see if I have enough money for them by the time they come out.
Enders75809 9 years ago
Thanks for the sub.

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