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This place is dead.
CaptainCapsaicin 9 years ago
Hey, thanks for subscribing :) I hope I stay entertaining for you!
Zeitgeist 10 years ago
No I haven't. I don't know why people keep asking me that. I chose the name because it's the name of a character I invented a long time ago.
JoeSchulz 11 years ago
That's cause I'm gonna stop WC2. It just isn't fun
JoeSchulz 11 years ago
Thanks for keeping Age of Mythology out of the gutter for me ^^ I'm almost done, so it's good that your keeping the request alive, lol Granted I do need to record some more.
wallace2142 11 years ago
whats your fucking problem with me?
melikegame 11 years ago
ok i posted

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