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Hello! I usually post singleplayer and co-op games. Every now and then I'll post videos of my friends and I playing mulitplayer games. I usually upload tuesday-friday.

I also just wanna say that the following Playlists are from my old Youtube Channel:
-The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series
-The Walking Dead: 400 Days
-The Walking Dead: Season 2
-Quake Live
-Killing Floor (the one with 12 videos)

Everything else is from my current youtube channel and you can check it out here:

Hope you enjoy the videos! If not well thanks for at least checking them out.
AftermathGaming 4 years ago
It's all about marketing. We use twitter, facebook, etc.
AftermathGaming 4 years ago
Enjoying the DS3 walkthrough.
DarkDemonCraze 4 years ago
Nice waklthroughs

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