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thebestnameontheweb 9 years ago
you going to post simcity 4 soon
Sryth 9 years ago
Its alright man. I understand the pain and agony of getting older games to work.
Maceman 9 years ago
Me too. That game was hella fun - I can imagine it looking dated now though.
Sryth 9 years ago
I look forward to Streets of SimCity. Remember playing the hell out of that game!
skyrimrules 9 years ago
Are you uploading to GameAnyone anymore? Because there are a bunch of games in your signature marked complete that I don't see here.
Sryth 9 years ago
Hey! I noticed a post you made a few days ago about audio levels and you not getting any help. I'll give you an example and maybe this can lead ya in the right direction. When I do PC games, I set the game audio level to only 65 while setting FRAPS to 90. This way, My voice is not drowned out by the game sounds but I do not drown out the sounds either. Hope this sorta helps!

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