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Cb fROm aK
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Current Games:

I'm a very small time YouTuber, and formerly active member of the GameAnyone forums. The Reason why I haven't contributed to the site yet, is because I just started doing Let's Plays, and have yet to finish a project. So... I guess I'm still nobody?

Active Projects:
Fallout: New Vegas (On Hiatus)
Mass Effect 3

Upcoming Projects:
(Nothing planned for sure. I'm open to suggestions)

As for my YouTube, Go Ahead and subscribe!:
PhonyThePony 8 years ago
I see you're on here too... Small world.
skyrimrules 8 years ago
Are you gonna do ME1 and ME2? That would be pretty cool. By the way, good job on ME3.
Cyberfire 8 years ago
Great, you are finally starting to upload. :)
HMAN 10 years ago
why have a "mygamercard" stuck to your profile if you just keep it on secure/private? Is it because you have recently met an obsessed online stalker?
andrewstodden 10 years ago
So your from Alaska to.
CarbonFrost 10 years ago
it be cool for you to do MW2

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Mass Effect 3 - "Focused"
Evolve any of your powers to rank 6.
Mass Effect 3 - "Liberator"
Stop a Cerberus kidnapping.
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Mass Effect 3 - pt27 (Victory... At Any Cost)
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! Mass Effect 3
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