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What's good, everyone? My name's Jackson, and I love video games, music, food, and sleeping. I currently live in Jersey, but I hope to go to college in Vermont or Colorado someday (currently a Junior in High School). I haven't tried my hand at an LP yet, and probably never will. However, I love to write about and review things, so hopefully that counts for something >.<

I'm always looking for cool people to play with, so send me a friend request on PSN. My account ID is "Iv3Klutch" and my CoD-only account ID is "FriendlyFyerzz"
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BlackjackKent 9 years ago
Hey, thanks much for the sub and the kind words. =) Glad you enjoy my vids.
mrsbates90 10 years ago
Uncharted is pretty awesome!
mrsbates90 10 years ago
Busy, busy, busy! <3
skorch82 10 years ago
Who's cut out to be a member? Just be yourself.
skorch82 10 years ago
No, it wasn't me, but from the looks of the topic, you need to chill out.
mrsbates90 10 years ago
Thank you! <3

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