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Hae guise. It's been a while since I last did a walkthrough. I don't know if I'll ever record any game again, due to the lack of free time, as I'm going to be very occupied working on a caffe, during summer.

I would like to record games with commentary, but, as you guise might not know, I still suck at English til' this day.
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Maceman 7 years ago
We have chats on live streams, when someone is streaming. HelloJapan does this sometimes.
RAIS12 9 years ago
hey. how are u
xXKurantXx 9 years ago
Can't get the link to work, fuck it.
xXKurantXx 9 years ago
xXKurantXx 9 years ago
Because you're GA's official unofficial buttmonkey.
xXKurantXx 9 years ago
Never leave the site.

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