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I don't have a dazzle or anything as of yet. So most likely won't have any console based playthroughs anytime soon sadly.

I am working on
Pokemon Yellow
[Ash Themed]
[Live Commentary]
[Updated when I can record live commentary without interuptions]

Pokemon Trading Card Game
[No Commentary]
[Updated when I feel like playing and can't do live commentary.]

Onimusha Tactics Advanced
[Post Commentary]
[Not uploaded due to testing commentary editing with Pokemon Yellow]
[Footage to about Stage 20-21 recorded but needs commentary, after that may be live commentary]
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PerryGuy88 11 years ago
Hey there, guy.
TheShadowWolf91 11 years ago
don't know if you checked back on my request, but i said that as long as you explain your methods, and how the game works, no audio with a LP of Digimon World 2 would be fine.
11 years ago
You could use Camtasia and play games with an emulator and record live commentary using a headset.

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