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I'll be doing mostly Sonic stuff with the occasional game thrown in for good measure.
Enders75809 9 years ago
Dude that's a lot of sonic =D. My bro would love your channel.
Devildawg1970 9 years ago
r you still active?
Sryth 9 years ago
Congrats on all the Sonic games.
TheMDFGaming 9 years ago
Wow,you really like sonic,don't cha? Duh! :D Nice chanel!
Devildawg1970 10 years ago
dude you brought back one of my favorite games sonic riders zero G i loved that game
RyantheRookie 10 years ago
wow man your the best you made all my fav sonic games and walkthroughed them your fuckin awsome dude BE A DIRECTOR

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