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Hey guys and gals, I'm AfroBattler. I do let's plays that are split between live and post commentaries of various video games that I enjoy or would want to try. Mostly I upload everyday on and then upload playlists of the recently completed playthroughs on here. I also stream random games almost every weekend on

To keep up with my on-going Youtube playthroughs subscribe to

Want some video game related shirts then check out my store:

abe 6 years ago
Maybe you could do home improvement next?
FearedAngel 7 years ago
Whats your favorite sonic game?
Roxas1359 7 years ago
Hooray, you got the front page.
Mactin 8 years ago
I watched your Sonic LP and I got to say you got a good voice man. I suggest you get some good gear. Just advice that all.
LynxParadox 8 years ago
wow when you get here :o
Roxas1359 8 years ago
How come you never are active man. XD

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