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Killer Instinct
8 months ago

Killer Instinct was a launch title for the Xbox One and serves as a reboot of the franchise following a 17 year hiatus upon Killer Instinct 2. There are many returning characters as well as new characters.

Killer Instinct Walkthrough
8 months ago

Apocalypse is a third-person shooter that was released in 1998 for the original PlayStation. The game stars actor Bruce Willis, who provides the main character's likeness and voice.

Apocalypse Walkthrough
Face Noir
8 months ago

Face Noir is a PC point-and-click adventure game that was first released in late 2012. It follows private eye Jack Del Nero as he's falsely accused of murdering the man who left a little girl in his protection.

Face Noir Walkthrough
Sprinkle Islands
8 months ago

Sprinkle Islands is a water physics-based puzzle game for iOS and Android. You must navigate a firetruck around obstacles, buttons, elevators and more to keep the truck moving towards the next fire.

Sprinkle Islands Walkthrough
Earth Defense Force 2025
8 months ago

Earth Defense Force 2025 is the fourth main game in the Earth Defense Force series of third-person shooters. You must protect Earth from alien invaders, including giant insect-like creatures, UFOs, and robots.

Earth Defense Force 2025 Walkthrough
Eagle Eye Mysteries: The Original
8 months ago

Eagle Eye Mysteries follows Jake and Jennifer Eagle as they solve local cases, which usually involve finding something that has gone missing or tracking down a guilty culprit of a crime.

Eagle Eye Mysteries: The... Walkthrough
Lego The Hobbit
8 months ago

Lego The Hobbit is a game based on the first two films in the Hobbit trilogy. There is rumored to be future DLC that will update the story through the third film. Gameplay is similar to other games in the Lego series.

LEGO The Hobbit Walkthrough
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile
8 months ago

A Crooked Mile is the latest game in the episodic series The Wolf Among Us, based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series. This episode follows Bigby, who is in the pursuit of Ichabod Crane.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 -... Walkthrough
8 months ago

Bardbarian is a game for PC, Mac, and iOS, that is described as having a mixture of tower-defense, RPG, and RTS gameplay elements. The game uses hand-drawn artwork from start to finish.

Bardbarian Walkthrough
Jade Empire: Special Edition
8 months ago

Originally released in 2005 for the Xbox, and later improved and rereleased for the PC and Mac, Jade Empire has you step into the role of an aspiring martial-arts master. The game is an RPG by BioWare.

Jade Empire: Special Edition Walkthrough
8 months ago

Oknytt is a point-and-click adventure game where you take the role of a small, seemingly insignificant creature, in a dark world riddled with obstacles, as you look for a place to belong.

Oknytt Walkthrough
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
8 months ago

Reaper of Souls is an expansion pack for Diablo III. It adds a number of new features to the core gameplay, including a new playable class, a fifth Act, new skills, runes, abilities, and more.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Walkthrough
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