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Our Mission is the number one source for video game walkthroughs on the internet, both video and text based. We offer a variety of video walkthroughs both with and without commentary for a variety of gaming systems. We are the first to feature complete walkthroughs for some of the hottest titles as soon as they are released and are always expanding our collection with walkthroughs of classic games as well.

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We are open to ideas on where you would like your ad placed. We do both standard banner advertising as well as custom campaigns. Please contact us for more information.

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Our forums are helpful and easy to navigate. Our staff, and contributors are friendly and always promote a welcome environment to both veteran and new gamers alike. With features such as tutorials, discussions, requests, and site suggestions, we are able to provide both a learning environment to everyone as well as a venue to advertise the latest games.

Our contributors are always bringing top-quality work to the site and are continually advertising through watermarks on their videos as well as promotional spots and word-of-mouth.
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