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Assassins Creed
"The Blood of the Merchant King"

You've slain Abul Nuqoud,...
Bio Inc. Redemption
19 hours ago

Bio Inc.: Redemption is a biomedical simulator in which you make life or death decisions. Create the ultimate illness to torment your victim or play as the head of a medical team and hopefully find a cure to save your patient.

1 playlist, 2 videos by Draegast
Bio Inc. Redemption Walkthroughs
The Fidelio Incident
2 days ago

The Fidelio Incident is a single-player, first-person thriller set off the coast of Iceland. Inspired by Beethoven's only opera Fidelio.

2 playlists, 6 videos by Psychoka, nokzeen
The Fidelio Incident Walkthroughs
Panacea: Last Will
3 days ago

Panacea: Last Will is an Amnesia-like survival horror game with lots of notes, flashbacks and a storyline to tell you about what's going on, as well as monsters ready to tear you apart at first sight!

1 playlist, 2 videos by nokzeen
Panacea: Last Will Walkthroughs
Planet Nomads
4 days ago

There's a whole planet of diverse biomes waiting for you to explore. Gather enough materials to build a mobile base that will carry everything a Nomad needs on a journey through an unknown land.

1 playlist, 3 videos by QaizherVladislav
Planet Nomads Walkthroughs
Death's Hangover
5 days ago

Death's Hangover is a ball and bat game, featuring horror elements, mature comedy and themes.

1 playlist, 4 videos by QaizherVladislav
Death's Hangover Walkthroughs
Bacon Man: An Adventure
6 days ago

Bacon Man: An Adventure is an action platformer about food and the ferocious fight for freedom. Fight, shoot or evade your way through tougher-than-nails levels as one of four unique characters, each with their own play style.

1 playlist, 1 video by fr0mwisdomt0hate
Bacon Man: An Adventure Walkthroughs
South Park: Phone Destroyer
7 days ago

All those countless hours spent on your phone have been preparing you for this moment.
Fulfill your destiny and become... the ultimate phone destroyer!

2 playlists, 7 videos by intheskygames, DataBlinx
South Park: Phone Destroyer Walkthroughs
Warhammer: Vermintide 2
8 days ago

In Warhammer: Vermintide 2 our five heroes have returned to take on an even greater threat. Prepare to be challenged like never before as you and your team desperately try to survive the never-ending onslaught.

8 playlists, 24 videos by drproof, gaming4gamerstv, gocalibergaming...
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Walkthroughs
Past Cure
9 days ago

Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller that blurs the lines between dreams and reality. An intense, cinematic, story-driven experience that challenges the player to use mind-bending mental abilities to survive.

3 playlists, 9 videos by TheHiddenObjectGuru, PLAYGAMES, baytuh...
Past Cure Walkthroughs
Super Lucky's Tale
10 days ago

Super Lucky's Tale is a delightful, playground platformer for all ages that follows Lucky, the ever-optimistic, energetic, and lovable hero, on his quest to find his inner strength and help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from Jinx.

4 playlists, 22 videos by JahovaWitniss, adaycanariowtf, GamersPreyHD...
Super Lucky's Tale Walkthroughs
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